What’s your favourite thing or object?

Dear students,

Let’s talk about our favourite things!:)

My favourite thing is my notebook because I take notes of many things, it helps me to remember things and events.

What’s your favourite thing? In the comments below write about your favourite thing and explain why it is important to you. Then share its photo with me!:)

If you need help:

You can start like this:

My favourite thing is (….) because (….).

10 thoughts on “What’s your favourite thing or object?”

  1. Actually my favourite thing is my telephone, we know that currently is tecnology century I cannot image any people dont using telephone I got a lot of useful information from telephone also I keep touch with my friends and relatives main point is telephone breaks distance

    1. Yes we can get updated about the latest news and also connected with our family and friends. What’s the model of your phone?

      1. Sometimes I make a plan for a lesson. I note the work that is important to remind me.Thanks you teacherđź’•

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